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The History of Jiffy Doctor...

Jiffy Doctor was founded with the needs of the medical patient in mind. During Covid, our founder, Nichol Vagrosky, saw the need for convenience and decided to become a trailblazer in building technology for patients to obtain their medical license online with licensed doctors. With businesses being shut down, the need for telehealth in the Cannabis arena became evident. 

Being in the technology arena, Nichol decided to build a user-friendly program to run on kiosk tablets and she gave over 45 dispensaries in the State of Oklahoma the ability to sign patients up on her kiosk stands. All the while, mitigating the illegal aspect of having a doctor on-site at a dispensary. 

The technology grew and kiosks continue to be distributed throughout the State. 

Family members of Oklahoma patients in other States starting asking when Jiffy Doctor was coming to their State. So, Nichol decided to expand and is in the middle of a Nationwide expansion to all 39 States, currently providing recommendations to 8 States as of 2022. 

Jiffy was founded in 2020.

Nichol Vagrosky is a Nationally published Author, an abstract painter, a gourmet cook and a serial entrepreneur. She also owns our sister company, InstaDocNow, LLP offering discounted medical treatments to uninsured patients with discounted medications. 
Nichol Vagrosky, Founder